The Burt Family


Thanks for visiting our Family website.  Here you will find photos and movies of our wonderful adventure together.

Our Family consists of Payson, Kristin & Lilea.

We have just moved back the Philadelphia Area after 14 years in Hollywood and are involved in the Theatre and Film industries.

We have a beautiful baby girl named Lilea, who is the joy (and challenge) of our life.

Payson is an Actor, Stuntman and Theatrical Fight Director.  Originally from Philadelphia, he has worked both throughout the United States and internationally performing, choreographing and teaching.

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Originally from New York City,  Kristin is an Actor and Comedian.  She has extensive theatrical experience as well as working in sketch comedy/improvisation.

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We met in 1992 while performing in a comedy sword-fighting show at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.  For the next 12 years we had a on again, off again relationship.  Kris in NYC while Payson was in Philadelphia.  In 1997, we both found ourselves in Los Angeles within 5 miles of each other.  We began a friendship, but that was doomed to failure as Payson was madly in love with Kristin.  More years went by and Kristin calls Payson up and... we try again.  This time it takes and 6 months later, we are engaged to be married! 

How We Met: